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So their proof that it is "likely" where a claimed event happened is that it's in a similar area and has a nook for a chair. And it took from 1980 to now for them to notice the chair nook (nobody else ever thought of having a chair in a courtyard! Hope it isn't a "comfy chair"). Well I'm sold. More evidence than the vast majority of the dogma of the religious is based on ("it wouldn't be faith if you didn't have to believe some absolutely nutty things for which there was no remotely convincing evidence" - some slight paraphrasing)
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"Toddler recreates" is rather a lot like those headlines of "Toddler writes book of poetry". At least some adult editing/involvement is there.. and where does one then draw the line of when it stops being the toddler's "work"?
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I agree, but I was actually trying to make the claims of those that state words like: "covid isn't a problem and anyhow they didn't die of covid but of other conditions" seem as ridiculous as I (and any reasonable scientifically supportable position) think they should be seen.
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That's what gravy is made of. And what it is MEANT to be made of. It's the bits of chicken and flour and whatnot that fall off as it cooks. Just like if you cook it in an oven and then use what is left in the dish.. (just oilier because it's from a pressurised deep fryer).
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Ahh yes, Watch someone play something you could instead by playing yourself. And something that doesn't involve high skill or intelligence or even technique... just patience. So you aren't even potentially picking up technique or how to or .. much of anything other than passing time? Watching something that needs patience above all other factors to play is perhaps another level of patience again, and all without the potential social exposure and physical exercise perk of playing the game yourself! Sure, sometimes they can be funny or have character, but to me "just 11 minutes into her stream" says more to me than the rest of this. I don't begrudge people doing or watching things they enjoy... but it's like kids being willing to spend so very much time just watching people play Minecraft on youtube. And consuming targetted advertising in the process. Seems far too passive an entertainment to be "paying for" to me. Boggles my mind.
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Hrmm. I worry how long before someone creates an AI to make (and copyright) all possible musical short sequences and release them in mishmashy tracks so they can then troll real musicians. And I'd expect it to be big name labels doing it
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Geez that USAToday article has a terrible name "Was it from space? Or is there a more earthly explanation?". To answer their question: "if yes it came from space then it's still an Earthly explanation because it's clearly human. Even if aliens exist they are fairly unlikely to have visited us - largescale conspiracies need too many people being inhumanly good at keeping secrets and toeing the company line - and almost definitely wouldn't use human tech like solar panels and balloons". Also they failed to capitalise "Earth". So do they mean soil based? I guess the materials would have been mined...
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