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This Small Single Chip Can Be Injected In Your Body

A new implant developed by engineers from Columbia University is the smallest single-chip system ever created. The chip, only visible under a microscope, can be implanted with a hypodermic needle to measure temperature inside the body (and more features could be added too). According to the creators of the implant, the chip may use radio frequency modules to transmit and receive information for wireless powering and communication: 

This combines with an onboard low-power temperature sensor to turn the chip into a probe for real-time temperature sensing, enabling it to monitor body temperature and also fluctuations in temperature driven by the therapeutic application of ultrasound. The implant's capabilities were demonstrated in live mice where it was used for ultrasound neurostimulation, and up to seven were implanted into the mice at a time via intramuscular injection with a syringe.
The scientists imagine these types of chips being implanted into the human body, and then wirelessly communicating information on what they measure via ultrasound. In its current form this is limited to body temperature, but other possibilities include blood pressure, glucose levels and respiratory function.
"We wanted to see how far we could push the limits on how small a functioning chip we could make," says the study's leader Ken Shepard. "This is a new idea of 'chip as system' – this is a chip that alone, with nothing else, is a complete functioning electronic system. This should be revolutionary for developing wireless, miniaturized implantable medical devices that can sense different things, be used in clinical applications, and eventually approved for human use."

Image via New Atlas 

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...and nothing says "intelligent politicians" more than a system where people are forced to pay high taxes so that an inbred royal family gets to live in big castles and never do any work. Genius!
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I think chips are a great idea, especially with aioli, but I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes so am trying to lose some weight (4.4kgs so far) by not eating any sugar and as few carbohydrates as possible.
The bar code on the back of the neck, a la Bruce Willis (post Moonlighting) and the obligatory mobile communication device have failed to give 'them' a total picture of where we all are at any given time (due to me having no tattoos and leaving the mobile phone at a secret place where I am not at) ... so they will need something soon ... the vaccines will kill off the believers and then the rich inner circle with have an easy job of rounding up the anti-jab scragglers and putting them in a cock ring (no, no, no, the one that has two cocks fighting) to provide entertainment for our multi-billionaire overlords.(Do I need to add a LOL here ?)
FYI - Where I come from, a country with free healthcare, very few guns, and intelligent politicians ... in other words a normal country, the word chips can mean 'breaks a bit off', 'casino money' but mainly deep fried, square shaped lengths of potatoes, approximately 10mm by 10mm by 65mm (ish ..on average), that are sprinkled with salt when cooked.
FYI - Where I come from originally, a country with free healthcare, very few guns, and politicians ... in other words a nearly normal country, flat curvy slices of deep fried potato are called crisps, where I live now they are called chippies. In the USA, a country with pay as you go healthcare, many guns and the weirdest politicians ever, these crisps and chippies are called chips.
P.S. I live in New Zealand.
P.P.S. I originally came from the U.K.
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