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A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book

I think I'll be happy with that... it's the latest and I like the cover... heh, either way, any will do, reading them is fun... a good way to while away time exploring the lives of other people and how they think, how they are, and so on
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so what? will those thieves wait till the police arrest them and say "oh I forgot to pay. I was supposed to, but I didn't really care to go back anymore because I'm scared they will arrest me anyways when I step back there because my face is on cctv"

sheeesh, the money goes to charity, and the owner said at least for now he won't file any complaint.
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@stephanie, that's actually the process they did here... This wasn't a tilt-shift lens video, just a post production editing effects, like you said....

But still, it was still pretty and cool to look at...

Just make sure when taking the video, have the aperture to the smaller, about f32 or so (for the extremely great depth of field) and have you shutter speed a little bit on the fast side, about 1/100 or faster, to make it more sharp (preferably take it using a tripod). you might also need to crank up your ISO if the image is dark, but that will make your footage be filled with noise... so just make a good balance between the three

Then just follow what stephanie said in post production, and do the blurs, and all... and it is indeed VERY easy :D
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Well, shutter speed is more of a function, rather than a feature in cameras both still and video. It becomes a feature in a point and shoot cameras since the lens and sensor system is pretty much tailored for average users.

Now, shutter speed is the speed of the shutter thus controlling how long the sensor will be exposed for each frame. Now, in video cameras, synchronizing the shutter speed to the speed of the coppter's blades will produce this effect in the video since the camera will see the blade in the same position for each frame, thus it appears that it doesn't move... although, it is actually moving, at very high speed actually. The sensor is exposed to see each frame every time the blade is the same position...
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