Epic Tilt-Shift Ski Video by Tristan Greszko

Wyoming-based photographer Tristan Greszko created this epic tilt-shift video of a Jackson Hole ski resort. As you watch the clip, keep in mind that those Lilliputian specks are actually real skiers ...

Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] - via Wired

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@stephanie, that's actually the process they did here... This wasn't a tilt-shift lens video, just a post production editing effects, like you said....

But still, it was still pretty and cool to look at...

Just make sure when taking the video, have the aperture to the smaller, about f32 or so (for the extremely great depth of field) and have you shutter speed a little bit on the fast side, about 1/100 or faster, to make it more sharp (preferably take it using a tripod). you might also need to crank up your ISO if the image is dark, but that will make your footage be filled with noise... so just make a good balance between the three

Then just follow what stephanie said in post production, and do the blurs, and all... and it is indeed VERY easy :D
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this is actually pretty easy to do, you don't need a tilt shift lens. For anyone wanting to try this on a low budget, just shoot your video as normal with whatever size/format preference you wish, keeping in mind high-angles are the most convincing with the final effect. If you notice in this video, when the photographer uses the lower angle (the life car coming out of the lift base) the effect is sorta ruined by the HUGE heads near the lens in the bottom of the frame.

Then, once you've shot/edited your footage into the clips you want, apply a blur to the whole frame, with a gradient, leaving the center of the frame (horizontally) in focus.

Then, finally, if you add a little saturation (pump it up to seem all "happy bright") it'll look like it's been painted to emulate a scene, like a model is, instead of the true colors of an actual scale location.

That's it! Pretty easy.
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