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That's a funny one indeed. Here goes the full transcript.
The statement is: Dark Vador eats grated cheese.

1. Milk exists in the Star Wars universe. Want proof? If milk wouldn't exist what would the boobs be used for?
Proofs that milk exists - Proofs that blue milk exists - Milk machines
Proofs that the green milk exists? Maybe (Who knows he's an alien after all...)
A sure thing is that Banthas produce milk... and a blue one.
<- Milk cow
-> that gives this (beuarg)

2. Moisture exists in the Star Wars univers.
This is a moister and mold collector of Tatooine, like Luke Skywalker's farm ones.
(and yess, sorry haters)

3. Darth Vader can't eat things with his mask.
(because amongst other things, there's no hole for his mouth)
The only place where Vador can take his mask off, is in a special room.
(we can suppose that's where he eats)
But how does he proceed when he's far from his special room for a while? (for example when his on a mission) he surely does need to eat!
(Morover he has being doing it before)
"Yummy, that's a good pear''

4. That's why his mask has a cheese grater in the front.
<- Just there
<- it's indentical to this ->
And what if this cheese grate was purposedly placed there only to feed Vador?

How does that work?
Fig. 1: Dark Vador graters cheese over his chin
Fig. 2: The helmet fills with grated cheese
Fig. 3: Vador now can eat the grated cheese without having to remove his helmet
Theory confirmed
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I can't encourage this kind of idea, however considering the Métro fares it's understandable. A month of subscription is $73 just to use the inner city network. If you live in the suburbs (which is the case of 8/10 persons in the area) it's up to $146! So let's say you are a couple with 3 children (and therefore don't get any discount, only having 5 children allows you such) you'll pay $730.

This is just to use the subway. Man, it's unfair and many track lines are plagued by strikes (and technical downtimes) for weeks all the year long, so I understand that people try to "fraud" as much as they can.
And as an unexpected negative side effect, everybody keep to favor their cars, cars are more reliable, quicker in most of the commute schemes and far less expensive.
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