How Twilight Works

The Oatmeal skewers the over 40 year-old Twilight fan base in this hilarious step by step breakdown of the science of the series. Twilight is painted as a diabolically designed trap, able to turn all but the strongest middle aged women into lusting, exuberant fangirls.

View the rest of the piece (with some hilarious illustrations) at the source.

Link - The Oatmeal

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UH, did anyone see how Leia is dressed in Star Wars? Not Lucas' wet dream? LOL Right.

No matter what some people think of the Twilight books/films, the whole ''let's trash Twilight'' at any opportunity meme is still unreal to me.

Make fun of it. Parody it. Whatever. But the fact that there are so many of you out there SO willing and ready to bash Twilight makes me think that there is more going on than just the supposed lack of ''qaulity' of the stories.

I have heard so many people rave about the Charlaine Harris vampire stuff. I decided to read one. It sucked. Nothing original about it. And the detailed descriptions of the hard sex that the main character has with the vampire were totally offputting. Much prefer the romanticism of Twilight.

But, no, everyone loves the Harris stuff.

Makes no sense to beat up one author for her failings as a writer when another gets a pass for the same failings.
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Miss Celiana, you're lucky that your children at least seem to be developing some semblance of taste as they get older...the most hardcore fans I've seen have been between 13 and 17.

On a related note, it's a shame Oatmeal didn't read the rest of the series, because from what I hear, there's a baby ripped from Bella by the vampire dude because it's eating her from the inside (?), and as soon as it's born the werewolf guy falls in love with it and chooses it as his mate. WHEN IT'S BORN.

Twilight: One girl's decision between bestiality and necrophilia, as a werewolf discovers his true pedophilic self.
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I've only seen the movies... pretty much out of curiosity to see what everything is about.
I think if I were still a young teen/pre-teen, I'd def be in to everything. Not as much as some, but I'd probably enjoy them.
Now at age 30 though.... the movies were SO mind numbingly bad. I can't even imagine how terrible the books are.
I groan whenever my cousins starts going on and on about it all. She's 27yo and a mother of 3 :\
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My wife (who is in her 20s) likes the movies but readily admits they are terrible. It's kind of like me enjoying Godzilla movies.

She likes the books, too, sort of. She reads romance novels too. She is under no illusions about that stuff being "literature" but, hey, I read old comic books sometimes, so who am I to complain?

Kinda weird about middle aged women being obsessed with it though. And unlike Star Wars (which I am not a huge fan of), Twilight is just a romance story, with vampires. Star Wars is, like, SPACE OPERA, man.
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