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First of all it's just a fluke that this guy is at the top. He obviously didn't lose his job in the recession nor did some other problem create havoc for his financial situation. Good for him. However there are people that don't have a mortgage, pay cash and have good retirement savings that have a much lower score. Credit scores are arbitrary otherwise your score would be exactly the same at all three reporting agencies. Anybody with a credit score above 700 shouldn't lose any sleep over it. Anything over 750 is very good.
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I'm disturbed that anyone would think a father-daughter dance is creepy or weird. There is a special bond between dads and daughters and the idea of a dance at that age is a wonderful thing. Just what is creepy or weird about it?
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davelog got it right. Mandatory tip = surcharge. When did tipping become an expected part of their wages anyway? Maybe it's time the restraunt owners start to pay a decent wage instead of me paying them for the meal and then paying the person who brings it to me seperately. Oh and I don't need to work as a waiter. I already work in a "service to customers" type job and nobody ever thinks of tipping me.
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The school administrators should be ashamed of themselves. First of all last time I looked Ziploc bags were legal to use. There are certainly better ways to teach kids to be environmentally conscious than excluding them from something fun. Besides what six year old makes the decision on how their sandwich is packaged for their lunch? Maybe Manticore was running their household at age six but most of us had parents who made decisions for us. Oh and I would have wanted that teddy bear too.
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Great catch on that flag Calvin. So maybe this is just an example of fractured English from somewhere else in the world.
And yes, thanks Alex.
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Tipping is a strange custom. We tip according to the price of our meal, usually a percentage. Does the dinner waitress deserve more money than the lunch waitress because dinner costs us more than lunch? Does it require less effort to bring me a burger than it does to bring me a steak? If the service is equal why do we give each waitress say 15%? Shouldn't we give each a specific monetary amount instead? There are other variables too such as tip sharing with the bar tender (and that includes getting soft drinks in some restaurants) and bus help. You can really over think the whole tipping thing but as was pointed out, at least here in California, waitressing and in some cases other professions, tipping is figured into the wages and taxes so yes I tip. Anywhere from 5% for lousy service, to 25% for excellent service. However I still know some people that don't ever tip or some that always leave $2.00 no matter what the bill is.
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These are in the shape of both cartridge (the container for the gun powder) and the bullet (the projectile that is shot out of the firearm when the powder in the cartridge explodes). Regardless, these are just uniquely shaped ice that when put into alcoholic drinks have been known to cause one to shoot their mouth off.
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I doubt that any American has forgotten but let's face facts. Seven years have passed, we never got Bin Laden, we're waging war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, the real war on terror should and is being fought in Afghanistan with far fewer troops than needed because our Commander In Chief just had to go after Sadam Hussein rather than concentrate on the real enemy and let's face it, life goes on. What does this idiot in the truck want me to do and what is he accomplishing? He's no more of a patriot than the rest of us, he's just a crackpot with no answers either.
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Who has ten hours a day for a year to devote to any endeavor other than making a living? Of course there's the "why would you" aspect also.
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