The Problem with Passwords

There's a reason some sites ask for, or require, a password that contains both letters and numbers. The first column describes passwords. The other columns tell you how long it takes a hacker to figure them out. Don't make it easy for someone to figure yours out. Link

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Except that if your 8-letter lowercase password is "password" or your 7-letter lowercase one is "letmein," it'll probably take them about 2 second to crack. I assume hacking programs run those types first.
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I've always been annoyed by sites that insist on having numbers in the password. It seems to me that by insisting that at least one character be a number, you're just about giving away one character of your password.
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Best seems to use a program like KeePass Password Safe to create complex, unique passwords for all your on-line sites.
If one site gets hacked, that password is useless for any other site. Just need to remember the one password ( hopefully complex )for the program.
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"The Problem with Passwords"

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