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bad science alert. you might want to clarify that this photo is of a sculpture. the real insect's coloring is not quite so other-worldly. this is a replica of Bocydium globulare made by Alfred Keller for Berlin's Naturkundemuseum
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Ethics work in mysterious ways. We kill animals on a truly massive scale for food. So following this to it's logical conclusion, would it be alright if we eat the dog afterwards?
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Very educational
We have each done some time in the boab gaol and happy to see it represented. Very musty atmosphere.
Thanks again
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While what happened to him is very unfortunate, it's good that he found a way to turn it all around and channel it into something creative and beautiful that he can share with us all.
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I find that writing my class notes on a notebook is way more convenient especially for last minute reviews before a test, while most of my classmates have to wait for the slides to download from the internet.
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The majority of you are so dumb. It's astounding. This video is a good satire of mainstream rap lyrics and what's 'bad' about it is there on purpose.
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