Dog Must Eat Standing Up

Ronnie the 7-month-old Rottweiler has megaoesophagus, an incurable condition that makes it impossible for him to eat or drink like other dogs. He cannot swallow properly, and relies on gravity to get his kibble to his stomach. Therefore, it can take up to 20 minutes to spoon-feed him.
Staff at Leeds Dogs Trust rehoming centre have helped to make life easier for Ronnie after they designed and built him a special feeding station.

Manager Amanda Sands said: “We’ve fed Ronnie standing up since he came to the centre with his littermates aged seven weeks but now that he is bigger we can’t support and feed him at the same time.

“We designed the feeding station so he can support himself while we spoon-feed him. He happily gets in by himself.

“We’re going to decorate it so it will look nice in his home when he hopefully gets one.”

Ronnie will only be adopted out to a home in which he can receive the time and attention he needs. Link -via Arbroath

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I actually owned a dog with megaoesophagus, so it is hurtful to see comments like, "put the dog to sleep". We just had the food elavated for her to eat and tried to keep her standing up after she was fed. She ate 3 times a day, and ended up throwing up a lot. It was a lot of work, but she was such a great dog that it was well worth the effort. She did end up passing due to complications of aspiration pneumonia, but I'm glad that she had a relatively happy life. It seems cruel just to kill an aminal just because it needs a little extra effort to take of it, what would happen if the same was said about humans?
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From the wiki page about the condition - "Because the food stays lodged in the throat, it can often be inhaled into the lungs causing aspiration pneumonia. One way to avoid this is to make sure that every time the dog eats or drinks anything, that the dog sits for at least 10 minutes afterwards or is held in a sitting up or begging position. This requires that all food and liquid intake be closely monitored and specifically administered to the dog in regular intervals (sometimes as often as 2-3 hours) in smaller quantities." It goes on to stress the difficulties of getting enough calories, etc.

That's a hell of a lot of work, especially with a big rottweiler. As much as it would have made better sense to put painlessly to sleep at 7 weeks, I really hope there's a bleeding heart big enough out there to want to take on this insane task.
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As long as it has a loving owner that helps it get proper nutrition, I don't see a problem with keeping it alive. If it ended up getting malnourished from not getting enough food, I could see how it'd be cruel to keep it alive.
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@Vonskippy - nature doesn't "intend" anything, but given that you believe it to be so I hope you don't take any medical treatment. What's that? You do? Hypocrite.
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