Jon Lajoie sings for the ladies.

NSFW: Strong language

Jon Lajoie wrote this song for the ladies. He's a Canadian comedian and songwriter.

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The majority of you are so dumb. It's astounding. This video is a good satire of mainstream rap lyrics and what's 'bad' about it is there on purpose.
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This is OBVIOUSLY a *parody* of typical misogynistic rap music and social preconceptions. Anyone who takes the remotest offense to it doesn't understand its intention. Frustrating, really. Yes, it's dumb. It's supposed to be dumb - because it's mocking people who take it seriously.
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The MAIN difference between this and Just 2 Guys is that there is actual flow to the rapping in Just 2 Guys - oh, plus it's actually funny too.

Please, for the love of all that is holy; if you do not have even basic vocal timing, do not attempt to rap. While singing, there are ways to mask bad timing, but when rapping, your lack of rhythm is exposed for all to see.
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How was that video in any way similar to that "Just two guys" video? (just glad it wasn't "two guys, one cup")

A lot of uptight and bitter comments. Yes, it's yesterday's humour, and there have been better parodies. Get over it.
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"Jon Lajoie sings for the ladies."

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