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I'm just imagining praying to this at St. Peter's. Or seeing it paraded through the streets in one of those spirited Catholic parades. Certainly different.
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This is so necessary. I was at St. Patrick's in San Francisco this summer and witnessed a drunken homeless man put his face in the holy water bowl as he slurped it all up. I'm thinking "Ew, a dirty homeless man's face in the holy water.." and then I'm thinking, "Ew, and he drank the water that was touched by Lord knows how many dirty fingers..!"
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Even neater if it doubled as a spiral staircase. That is, so long as no one 'closes' the door while you're coming d-... Oh crap. Never mind.
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Oh yah. One year my little bro poured out his bag of candies and found (among the usual) a penny, a walnut and a plastic Easter egg filled with pastel-colored malted eggs.
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Have you ever aggregated all of the post secrets you've received into a pie chart? I'd be so curious to see how the slices dice up. BTW, I love apples but hate apple pie.
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Homeless folks in SF can be fierce when it comes to leftovers. I think they it's because they come across plenty and from really good restaurants at that. I've offered an untouched plate of Thai food to a homeless man with a "hungry" sign and he wouldn't take it unless there was meat in it. I explained the noodles were good and he just said, "Umf - alright, give it here". No thank you - it was like he did me a favor or something. Hilarious.
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:) Oops - missing link - BTW, hubby & I don't have kids (our paternal/maternal instincts just aren't very strong). But just from the way our folks show express their love and appreciation for us (; ingrates that we are), I can see first-hand how kids can be a source of pride & joy in the long-term for parents.
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This discussion brings to mind Harvard prof Daniel Gilbert's humorous & anecdotal book "Stumbling on Happiness". Among the happiness studies he references in the book, he mentions one of married couples' and their happiness level with children (i.e. high happiness as newlyweds, dip when first child is born, low during "terrible two's", ALL-TIME low during teen years, and all-time high - higher than when first married - when child leaves the nest). And YET, the parents pointed to their children as the one thing that's made them happiest most in their lives. Here's a funny interview of Professor Gilbert with Stephen Colbert (2:50 touches on the kids thing):
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