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Functional MRI is extremely nonspecific and very prone to error as shown multiple times over and over again. There has been a tremenous number of studies using fMRI as a methodology to test hypotheses such as this, mainly so that people can ge their names on papers. Take everything with a grain of salt. - A Boston based radiology resident (doctor)
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sounds kind of rude. here's a greeting card, you idiot who did bad things. boo on you! i'm better than you and sent this card to rub it in. bleh.
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on the youtube page, the video owner says "He's a freak! We may try again's 9*F here in SD, it's a holiday weekend, we have some balloons, and have lots of time. Rest assured, I'll post it if he beats his record!"

ahh, indoor winter entertainment!

also, i love how the dog tap-scurry-dances on the cardboard to get at the balloons. scrappity tappity tap!
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"Leck mir am Arsch" is still a modern German-language phrase that basically means "kiss my ass". When translated literally, it does say lick me on the ass, but it's a colloquial phrase and likely is not meant literally.

An Austrian young man told me 10 years ago when I studied abroad there that "Arsch" and "Leck mir am Arsch" were among the dirtiest swear words.

Die schlimsten Schimpfwoerter
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i knew and old lady who swallowed a fly...

i dunno why she swallowed a fly...

perhaps she'll die.

i know an old weird guy

who swallowed some frogs...

i dunno why he swallowed some frogs....

perhaps the blogs!
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this would make an excellent shooting location for the movie version of scott westerfeld's Uglies trilogy. abandoned roller coasters are part of the ruins of the Rusties (that's us, with our dependence on metal and petroleum).
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