An Upside-down Rainbow?

What looks like an upside-down rainbow is actually a rare atmospheric spectacle called a circumzenithal arc. According to the San Francisco Chronicle: "it's an unusual phenomenon caused by sunlight shining through a thin, invisible screen of tiny ice crystals high in the sky and has nothing at all to do with the rain."

Feel free to be scientifically correct, but I'll stick with calling it an "upside-down rainbow" ... "circumzenithal arc" just doesn't have the same pizzazz. Link via popurls.

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R.I.P Dad we love u with all of our hearts n we miss u so much!
The most beautiful thing I've seen in my life was on Dec.02.10 The day after my dad passed away, my son called me told me to look up n there it was a rainbow smiling down at us right on top of our house n the reflection was on my dads windshield of his truck. It happen here in La Puente CA on Dec.02.10. I know that was my dad smiling down at us saying he's HappY n at a better place. I will never forget this moment,sight,day n smell. We LoVe YoU DaD with all of our hearts n u will always b in our hearts we will always miss You n u ARE THE BEST DAD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! WE LOVE YOU DAD!! O:)
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i came across this while i was searching for upside down double rainbow, i have an excellent childhood memory of looking up and seeing an upside down rainbow directly under a right side up one!! i'll never forget it, and my baby sister refused to look no matter how much i begged her, because she thought i was tricking her :( so she missed it, but i do take some pride in the memory being all my own.
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My daughter-n-law has a great picture of an upside-down rainbow. I was wondering if there would be anyone interested in buying it from her. They could sure use the money. They are both laid off work. So I told her to save it, just in case. It is a rare photo. If anyone knows of someone interested, or where I could find out for her, please email me and let me know.
Thank You, Carol
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Hey guys was looking for some help
yesterday the 7/1/09 i was at work it was a very hot day with no rain, and saw this completely round rainbow in the sky i was lucky enough to get a picture, I have been serching the net to see what the deal is? if any one has seen one or knows what causes it that would be great. how do i upload a picture on this site???
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