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oh wait... then halfway thru we get whooshy sounds, building building building... expecting to see a monolith and hear monkey chorus rising soon...
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cool! a different kind of google earth type view of the launch site.

i like how the tinkly noises stop once it leaves our atmosphere. in space... no one can hear you tinkle!
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eep. looks like an accident waiting to happen. does the bottom of it have to be so high off the ground?

all it would take is one tiny leak and *swoooooooooshhh*
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dwarves behaving badly.

with an evil chuckle.

and what's with the one-legged chicken that uses its wing as a crutch? peck peck peck. a metaphor for drarfs getting picked on?

in any case, overall... creepy.
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apparently, there's no accounting for taste in Norway.

tho the norwegian wikipedia does seem to refer to the accordion (trekkspill) as "Satan's instrument," if that makes you happy, Moon. :)
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ok, those legs are creeping me out. i keep expecting humans to pull their heads and torsos out of the middle bit and say "surprise!!"

in other news, i wonder if any double leg amputees (humans!) would ever be interested in this kind of robot legs. they seem a little too wild and perky to wanna perch myself on (and may require the use of a helmet and wrist/elbow guards, a la rollerblading), but that's just me. a wheelchair is much more predictable and manageable, i'd think.
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