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ooh, pretty! i can almost see it swirling on the screen.

in reality it's probably a soul-sucking, lane-hogging, stop-and-go (around again, damn!) nightmare.

but from afar, lovely.
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this would make an excellent shooting location for the movie version of scott westerfeld's Uglies trilogy. abandoned roller coasters are part of the ruins of the Rusties (that's us, with our dependence on metal and petroleum).
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Oh! Sylar on "Heroes" needs one of these. He likes to eat brains (the proof is in the podcast. Or perhaps, this is for Sylar's cat's catnip?
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first question... why breed a giant rabbit? (oh, meat? fur? cuddling and spooning into the wee hours?)

second question... how many people realize the angle in this shot is odd? unless this man's hand is bigger than his head.
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if you have not seen the very neat(orama) ping pong ball scene in the new critically-acclaimed movie, The Children of Men, you owe it to yourself to find a local showing.

beware that it is a gritty, dystopian, at times violent film, but with beautiful cinematography and spurts of genuine comic relief.
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