What is It? Game 5.

This week's collaboration with What is It? Blog brings us this object - obviously, it's shaped like a duck, but what is it for?

For 7 more objects for your guessing pleasure, please visit What is It?

Update 1/11/07: It's a target in a shooting game, guessed correctly by #1 Bryan.

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Hey, awesome! Do I win a T-shirt or just bragging rights? You know these are easy when I get them because I usually just guess, "It's a bong!"

By the way, that thing you use to scrape mud off your boots is commonly called a "mud butler." I learned that from watching the Mystery Science Theater version of Ed Wood's "The Violent Years" last night, so it must be true.
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This must be too easy! Yeah, guessed right at first try by Bryan just 17 minutes after this post went up.

Alan, sorry bout that - your comment must have tripped wordpress' spam filter somehow.
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