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Back in the 1960s the Glomar Challenger was supposedly a scientific survey ship, but actually was a CIA built device to retrieve soviet submarines:

This looks like it could do something similar.
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You can make these out of a garment bag, with 2 crossed balsa wood sticks at the bottom and a couple of birthday candles. They can really go high when it's cold, and to avoid fire hazard, do it when there's snow on the ground.

The frat guys in college would do this regularly, and inspired a bunch of UFO reports in the surrounding area. One cop even said he saw a little man inside one of them. :)
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Found this on one of the caloric restriction discussion groups:

As I suspected, Ms. Szwarc (junkscience) writes for a lobbying firm that denies global
warming, etc and is funded by McDonalds, among other conglomerates.  (If you
know who is paying for an opinion, you can generally figure out what it will

She is identified here as an "obesity crank" and for misinterpreting studies
and other sophistry here:
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Dr. Walford died at the young age of 79 from Lou Gherigs disease, which is one of the aging syndromes not protected against by caloric restriction.

That junkfoodscience article uses several flawed premises - she complains about monkeys being disqualified, and alleges that the study authors committed scientific fraud by omitting deaths - if the monkeys died because they bit each other fighting, then they should be disqualified from the test. That death had no bearing on whether they were on caloric restriction or not, and should be discarded under good study management. The woman at that blog makes her name by being smug and sniping at other peoples studies, so her motives are suspect.

Another point is that they did plain "caloric restriction" - in other words starving the monkeys with no effort to make up the vitamin and mineral deficit wrought by the diet. The right way for people to do CR is to do CRON - caloric restriction with optimal nutrition which makes sure every bit of the RDA is taken in every day with low calorie, nutrient dense foods. If her analysis of the study is correct (which I doubt), the study was not done well, which explains the null results. There are hundreds of other studies with all sorts of animals that show a clear increase in longevity not only for CR, but especially for CRON diets.
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