Loremo: 157 MPG Car.

Meet the Prius-buster: an ultra efficient car called Loremo, made by a German car company, slated for debut at the Motor Show 2006 in Geneva.

Loremo has a 157 MPG, as compared to Toyota Prius' 55 MPG.

BTW, did you notice that the car has no door?


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well, this form is set up for the european way of writing addresses. techinically it would be in this order:

Straße = (street address)
PLZ Ort (Land) = (postal code, city, country if outside germany)

so it doesn't exactly fit the american or canadian way of addressing things.

since canadians and brits have letters at the start of their postal codes, and since europeans generally write a letter country code before the numeric postal code, europeans usually tend to write american addresses like this:

your name
123 main street
beverly hills
CA 90210

anyway, do the best you can :)

or try emailing Loremo in english and see what you get. mail@loremo.com
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also, how to get one: fill out this "interested in purchase" form


Der Loremo wird leider erst ab 2009 in Serie gehen. Gerne informieren wir Sie bis dahin über wichtige Meilensteine, so dass Sie zu den ersten gehören, die sich über einen eigenen Loremo freuen können.

(The Loremo will unfortunately not go into production until 2009. Until then, we'll gladly inform you about important milestones, so you can be among the first to hear how to get your own Loremo.)

Nachname = (last name)

Vorname = (first name)

Straße = (street address - street, city, state/province, zip/postal code, for all you north americans)

PLZ Ort (Land) = (country)

Unternehmen = (company/business)

Telefon = (phone number)

E-Mail = (three guesses...)

Bisheriges Auto = (your current car model)
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according to the specs:

the Loremo LS model goes from 0 to 100 km/h (that's 0 to 62.1371194444 mph) in 20 seconds. the Loremo GT model does it in 9 seconds.

also, the FAQ says the doors open "nach oben" -- upward, i guess like a De Lorean. maybe if you get it up to 88mph you can go back to the future.
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