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It's just a promo for this organic farm company. There have been promos for 7-11 and for Green Giant inside the game too. I doubt it's because farmers feel bad about growing virtual non-organic crops.
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Totally true. There was another post going around the internet a while back talking about the signature area with regards to your standing in the company, basically following the same principal. Those lower down have all their information (Name, Title, email, phone, etc) and the top people put their initials as their signature. I think it went that you should know how to get a hold of them instead of them having to give that information to you. Which is why I made my signature my initials, since everyone knows who and where I am.
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I live in Utah and let me tell you, this is not a benefit aside from the savings to the state and carbon emissions. Because of the 4 day work week, places like the DMV have lost a whole day and added that traffic to the other 4 days. Waiting times have gone up, service has gone down, and many employees who work it are not pleased with their longer hours. Many studies have also been done that show the longer people work, their per hour productivity falls to the point where adding another hour is self defeating. It's got it's benefits, but not without it's costs.
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RE: SBC Global problems I pulled some MX Diagnostics on your mail server and it looks like you're coming up as an open relay. This could lead places to block you as spam and will provide someone with the opportunity to route spam mail via your server, landing you on a blacklist. My company filters via blacklist, but some of the larger ISPs use open relay testing to formulate their own blacklist. I suggest you contact your ISP and have them lock down the relay abilities to those who need it.
FYI The test I ran is at
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Yeah I like the upcoming queue since it's certainly a wider scope of material, but maybe split the RSS feed into two branches so I can devote the time to the UQ stuff when I have time for it. I usually read 95% of what happens on here via RSS, so that would be helpful.
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What happened to the tolerance? I'm an atheist myself but I would be touched that someone cared that much about me to devote some of their sacred ritual to my wellbeing, even if it's something I don't follow. Instead of politely saying No Thank You, the trust investigates and threatens her? Wow what a way to reward kindness.
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Reminds me of the Duggar family who have a kid every 10 months for some fundamentalist Christian reason. My favorite line I heard was "A vagina is not a clown car!"
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