Lawyer Complained that Catholic University is Too Catholic

Can a Catholic university that's so Catholic that it's actually called Catholic University of America, be too Catholic?

That's what law professor John Banzhaf thought and he's filing a human rights complaint against the school:

A lawyer has filed a human-rights complaint against Catholic University, on the grounds that the prevalence of Catholic imagery there violates the rights of Muslim students. Catholic University admits students of all faiths, but attorney John Banzhaf says there is almost nowhere on campus where Muslims can "pray without having to stare up and be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus."

Link - via The Week

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@ jolly. Nice. You know the reason you can drive a car without it getting all explodey? (like the Ford Pinto). Lawyers. How about that medicine you took for your headache? You probably don't have to worry that it's going to kill you because of...lawyers. If a loved one is in a horrible accident involving a drunk driver who is going to ensure he or she is going to be taken care of? A lawyer (and no, I'm not including the ambulance chasers here. Everyone likes to make lawyer jokes. Next time you are arrested, call a comedian.
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Use the Internet for reasearch? Are you mad?


The Israelis already know that, I'm sure. It's hardly a hot topic of conversation.
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hmm... bad blood between Arabs and Israelis goes back way before Jesus and Islam, back to Isaac and Ishmael. I heard it was a conflict over who dad liked best, which snowballed from there.
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You chose to go to a Catholic university... what exactly did you expect?!?

And maybe I'm being racist/intolerant/whatever here, but if a Catholic student enrolled in a Muslim university and insisted they stop calling the Adhaan because hearing it offended his religious sensibilities, I doubt he'd be indulged to quite this degree.
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