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I recommend going to Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior. The Northern Lights are visible in the summer, like people have said. but, I still would wait until late summer. The reason for going to Isle Royale is because there is very very little light "pollution" out in the middle of the big lake and so you get really dark nights...and good viewing conditions for the northern lights as well as the whole milky way. www.nps.gov/isro
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This video did a darn good job of showing what vertigo feels/looks like to e when i've had it. You know things aren't moving like they look like they are...but you see it anyway. though this has more the trippy effect than the nausea of vertigo.
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These pictures are great. Not disgusting at all. I'd actually like to see pics of cysts for comparison. A friend of mine recently had 10 folicles at once (undergoing fertility treatments) a pic like those above make it obvious why she was in a lot of pain!
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This problem should be blamed on the hospital and it's administrators, not the country the hospital is in. We have similar problems in the US. It's not uncommon to take a pt to the ER and have them put "in the hallway" either a bed or chair in the ER hallway, hoping a room can open soon. Yes, they'll get care, but not the same level as if they were in a room...not cardiac monitors in the hallway...nurses just taking extra pts to cover hallway pts, so they really don't want them...they are already spread too thin by that time....at least in the ambulance there is a medic right there for them...mind you this also stinks becuase the ambulance likely needs to leave to make other runs, so this would negatively effect the whole city/area the hospital is in.
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8th Grade. I was lucky enough to be in my schools first computer class. Given that we tended to be the honor roll type students and the only students in the class, we got the pirk of doing some special projects including using Compuserve and talking about the news. Well, the day was a big day and the TV was on.

Then it happened.

The main news events I can think of right now for while I was in grade school were Mt St. Helens erruption, Challenger explosion and Desert Shield/Desert Storm. where were you when....
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There are actually different chest options you can choose. It's just a removable piece or rubber. That I think is actually the female version. The mail version does not look like it has pecs.
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I liked this...less is more on the explination. A lot like old Twilight Zone and Outer Limits shows. Things do not need explaining...it's more about the tension and feelings of those in the story.

I'm not sure of the changeling idea, though possible. I think it's possible they are near dead people mutilated through the experience. The real mystery is how the personalized holes got there and why. But, again the greatness in the story comes from NOT explaining this.
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Sadly, I now live in E'ville and work in the EMS system there. Though, not all of Evansville is represented by this *lovely* couple, I would say I have met many people like them.

My comments:

1. Yes, he was a stupid drunk man. The chimney? WTF

2. Her reactions on camera make this video even better and I have met LOTS of women in E'vill elike her. Sad, but true. Way too violent.

3. Was the TV reporter sitting on the ground in front of the A-Team van?
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The range of the one we got wasn't too far but not bad. My boys would use it for stuff 6ish feet away. I know it's not good for catching speeders but, we never really tried it on other things. I guess it's time to dig it out of the toy box and change the batteries. The coolest part was that you could change it from real-world speed to hot wheels scale speed. It would tell you how fast that little car was moving if it were a full size car.
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Hey! My son actually got that for Christmas last year. Calling it a laptop is just because of the keyboard. It really just asks you to hit certain buttons for each little game it has. Most of it is slightly edutainment. My son's favorite part is the music it played when you open it.
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