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Thank you so much for posting this. The mapgeek in me just had a big smile. I completely agree with Douglas2. I tend to have multiple maps. But, I did have to go buy a globe to be something to show my kids a better representation.
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Maybe this shows the type of nerd I am...but I didn't think engagement ring with this. I imagined the planet Midnight from a very good episode of Doctor Who. It's actually a bit of a scary episode, an excellent hour of television!

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I completely agree. It is one of the best episodes since it started back up...maybe even all the years. I even used it as an into to help get my wife to start watching the show. It worked!
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Being originally from Grand Rapids, I found this video great. Though the economy in Michigan sucks overall, Grand rapids has the feel of being able to ride it out and is far from dying.
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I agree with many of the posts above. Sadly, this is not a Neatorama worthy post. Bariatric ambulances are actually quite common now. The surprising but it how far behind the times this Boston service is. I am glad there are bariatric units out there because they have saved a multitude of medics from loosing their careers to back injuries. Enabling obesity? I believe there is a lot more involved doing that a long time before an ambulance is involved. But it does go along with a question I have discussed with my coworkers: Which came first? The scooter or not being able to walk? Now think about it. In most cases I have found people who had trouble walking..got a scooter..then decided to stop walking...thereby then needing a scooter from then on out.

Another related thought...at one of my local services, the bariatric unit is sometimes too small...think about that. The super obese are out there too. Usually the cot is strong enough, the winch and vehicle are strong enough...it just that they are too wide to fit. The trucks can't get any wider and safely travel down most city streets. But, just think of that.
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The plastic bag & blankets I don't find that interesting, kind of a simple obvious solution that goes well with training..like stated above. But, I do have to say kudos to the medic because it was such a small preme that I am sure it was a stressful run. Good job!
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I suspect this survey is fundamentally flawed due to it using an online survey to study if people met online. this limits it's source to those who are obviously online already. though that is a large amount, it is not a true representative of the general population. Still a significant number, but not what they are trying to make it out to be. I take this as a marketing survey more than a scientific survey.
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I agree with Medic. What he did was extremely simple medically. But, I do give him a lot of credit for keeping his head about him during a very stressful moment for him. I also salute the people who trained him for just such a situation!
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my first thought is that I have a picture that looks just like this..but not cut in half.....hmmmm...

But, the important comment is that the title of the post needs to be fixed....Cambodia, NOT Vietnam.
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