Alien Planet Made of Diamond Discovered

If you really want to impress that intergalactic princess you've been dating, this would make for one heck of an engagement ring. Scientists have discovered a planet 4,000 light years from Earth that is made of diamond.
This illustration shows the alien planet PSR J1719-1438, where ultra-high pressures caused carbon to crystallize in the remnant of a dead star, forming the extrasolar world. The resulting planet is made of diamond and orbits a dense pulsing star with a radius smaller than that of our sun.


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"but if this planet supports life then we have or salvation when we totally reck our own world."

yeah, because it would be so easy to travel 4000 light years to get there unless NASA will reveal how to create portals
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...Carl Sagan also talks a lot in Cosmos, and was a strong promoter of the need for humans to fund space exploration technology so that one day we will have the technology to find a new planet when we destroy our own.
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@emiiiiiiil, speak for yourself. Your comment sounds no more mature than that of a 12 year old. Do you enjoy mocking the inquisitive questions of kids and branding them as uneducated while hypocritically abusing spelling and grammar?

@xXechoXx, you raise some excellent points. There is nothing paranormal about believing in the possibility of alien life on another planet. In fact, the law of large numbers states that with a large enough sample size, any unlikely thing is likely to happen. As a result, most scientists believe that the probability of life elsewhere in the universe is highly likely.

If there were life on another planet, that doesn't necessarily mean it would support human life. Alien life forms could be so different from us that they may not even need water or oxygen to survive. As a result, any planet that could be considered as a potential refuge for humans in the future when our own planet is destroyed and we have developed the technology for interstellar space travel, would have to be quite similar to the Earth. This means that it would likely need to have an oxygen-rich atmosphere so we can breathe, and water. It would also have to be at a distance from its star that is not to hot and not too cold, an area which scientists call "the Goldilocks zone". It would also have to be close to the size of the Earth so that the gravity is not too high or low. Too high and we could be crushed or would not be able to move around very easily, and too low would mean that our muscles would waste away and our bones would become brittle and we humans would develop osteoporosis. As a result, even if this diamond planet could support life, it is very unlikely that it could support human life. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of other planets out there that could support human life, just waiting to be found. Scientists are finding more Earth-sized planets all the time and it won’t be long before we have the technology to find out whether these planets have water and oxygen atmospheres too.

Keep up the enthusiasm about discoveries and astronomy! If you want to learn more about astronomy and science, I suggest you watch YouTube clips by Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is hilarious but also educational, and “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan – it’s a series that while a little bit old, is still mostly up to date and inspired lots of kids to grow up to become astrologers and scientists.

Neil Degrasse Tyson:

Epidsode 1 of Cosmos:
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Yeah a dork that thinks he can live on a diamond ?
uneducated dork comes to mind, but atleast you sound your age. Just my advise! spend a few more years in school. then maybe dork'ness becomes nerd'ness.
The fact that this "planet" is made of diamond makes me
THINK that the pressure wich created this,would turn any dork visitors into diamond themselfe.
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@MidwestMedic-HAHA, DOCTOR WHO FTW. -is a total nerd-

I find the whole new planet thing very interesting. It makes me wonder: Could this planet support life? If so, does it? I'm not paranormal-believer or anything but if this planet supports life then we have or salvation when we totally reck our own world. (Stupid humans, always polluting and building malls on nice, wild nature.)

Anyways, I always love discoveries! They open your mind and let you know that there's more out there! Our generation will have an entire galaxy to discover!..Or at least a few more planets.

-The Dorkiest 12-year-old EVER
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