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Society shuns the average.

Obesity - Back when food was scarce, obesity was a sign of wealth, In places like Hawaii, and new Zeland, being big was also the sign of a strong warrior.

the Tan - Back when everyone but the nobles worked outside, the COOL thing was to be pasty white. Then the industrial revolution started having the Masses locked in building for 10 hours a day. Then, being pasty white was no longer fasionable, because the poor were now all pasty white, so the new Tanned look became popular.
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Hmm I wonder how much global warming pollution was caused by all of those people driving to the concert, and all the news vans. All of those Helecopters flying around.
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I dont know if I would call these guys the best, There were some guys on CSI New York that were not only better, but less geekey. They made it look cool, this guy just makes it look uhh stupid.
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