Parkour or free running is an extreme sport (not to mention a dangerous one, too) founded by David Belle, in which traceurs (those who practice parkour) go from point A to B like a freakin ninja.

Wikipedia Entry (and the link within for Parkour websites)

Some parkour videos: David Belle in Super Mario Parkour | Run Escape Jump | Russian Climbing | Urban Ninja

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David Belle's father used only his body to train french military on parkour, he was captured and use it to escape. He taught his son how to do it (david belle) who dropped out of school at like 16 to pursue it. it is non competitive and you have your own style. man websites such as, etc are sperading it. illistrations such as jumpmagazine (found on urbanfreeflow) have been published on the interenet, and movies such as jump london, jump brittan etc have been made. some music videos contain parkour, the heroes episode, casino royal, and others use the free running and parkour to sell their entertainemnt and arent used to spread the way of thinking that is parkour. theres a differnece between free running and parkour. parkour has no fancy aesthetic tricks that would delay time and efficiency.

any qestions. hit me up @ customer managment.

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i practice PK n' i love it, wen i practice it i am free, no rules no competition, theres not a lot in the world 2day that lets u be as free as PK or FR...

a message 2 David - there is a lot of running involved, upper body strength isn't everything wen it comes 2 PK it helps but u need 2 be fast n' agile aswell. u just need 2 get out there..a couple of moves u can start on - most important thing of all the roll master the roll this can save ur life!! try a kong vault on a picnic bench(luk on utube 4 better detail) handstand, lazy vault, thief vault, kash vault, tic tac... as u can c theres a few different types but ppl think they r difficult coz of mental blocks, don't stop b4 u get 2 a rail or a wall u r gunna jump coz u will hurt urself always warm up stretch warm down stretch it reduces chance of injury.
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I've just started trying out Parkour and just wanted to share this amazing tutorial for anyone who wants to try a Kong vault:

There are obviously more experienced traceurs who have posted comments, so they know more about this than I do...but I've gotta say if you're a newbie like me, please take it slow and increase the complexity/risk of your moves at a controlled pace. I agree it isn't as hard as it looks but it IS a challenge. Don't get fooled by stuff that LOOKS easy. Most of the traceurs out there have practised and practised and practised.

If enough people get seriously hurt Parkour will get a bad rep...and that's the last thing we want...

I've heard it said... "Parkour is a religion and David Belle is God"... perhaps a little extreme and giving Belle too much credit...but I love the sentiment. ;-)
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eo estõ entendendu tudu qui eçis cara taão diseno
fala in portugueizi seus merda!!!!
si vosseis nun fala in portugueizi,eo nun mi responçabilizo pelus meus atus.
seus cunhao
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