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Saddam bought 4000 playstations to do this kind of computer cluster for weapons development.
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Old people floating out to sea on surfboards is the California equivalent of Alaskan natives putting their old folk on ice floes and sending them out to sea.
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Survivor bias? What if the porpoises weren't pushing people to shore but, were pushing them in random directions? The only reports you would get are from those pushed to shore.
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I quit going to Digg years ago because it filled up with obsessive haters who must spend twenty hours a day there.

Just to be fair, I went back now to see who/what was there. This popped up on the first page I checked.

"The Republicans are just itching to go to war against Iran, to protect Israel, also known as the new Nazi Germany."
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WHitehall 1212 was the number of Scotland Yard.

Note that in the pre digital age "dialing" a phone was quite literal in turning a mechanical encoder and watching it slowly turn back generating a series of pulses to count out each digit. The fastest numbers were the lowest so, 1212 was fairly quick.

Yeah, I'm old.
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RCA would take a carefully engineered prototype TV fresh from the engineers and proceed to cut components out of it. If the TV still worked without the component then that component was left out of the final design. The resulting TV sort of worked.
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