What Means Most To An Engineer?

What means the most to an engineer? That's the question posed by this ad for (a now defunct company) RCA. Apparently, keeping their engineers happy did not prevent the demise of the company. Link

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Having a mistress and a wife. That way the wife thinks he is with the mistress. The mistress thinks he is with the wife. While he is at work.
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The tool and die industry still hasn't recovered from the recession, and most engineers I know have taken up construction work because it's all that's available.
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RCA would take a carefully engineered prototype TV fresh from the engineers and proceed to cut components out of it. If the TV still worked without the component then that component was left out of the final design. The resulting TV sort of worked.
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As an Engineer, I can tell you that the number one thing we value is management that's willing to concede that they don't know as much as we do and who won't presume to mutilate projects through their ignorance.

Too often fidgety management seems to feel like they ought to be *doing* something. "Helping", in their minds. Don't. We got it. That one *little* thing you want to change for no reason beyond whimsy? It's not little when I have to redo the models and the drawings and lag the machine shop who just got done doing the tooling. And that's not even considering how many other issues your *little* addition is creating inadvertently that now have to be addressed. So, while I know it bruises your already ropey ego, shut up, go away, and let me do my job. Don't you have a report to file or something?
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