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A few years ago the City of Seattle elected one of these Urban Bike Snobs as their mayor, and since then pretty much his whole platform as mayor has been based entirely off of bike snobbery and anti-car witchhunting (raising parking fees, turning whole lanes of busy streets into designated bike lanes, hiring a crony from the local bicycle club to a $95,000 a year sinecure, etc.) The guy has been so disastrous as mayor that he's even made people forget how terrible the last mayor was.
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Mike Rowe's TED talk from a couple of years ago is also worth a view, but be warned there's some rather graphic discussion of sheep castration going on here:
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There's a little Japanese restaurant about a block from here that has a challenge to eat a giant 3-liter bowl of ramen in 30 minutes to get a $100 gift card, or end up paying $30 for the meail if you don't make it. Think I'll stick to the sushi.
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I spent a couple of months last year working for a not-quite-startup in Pioneer Square that was at the time based out of a third-floor walkup in Pioneer Square. The building I was in was built just after the fire in 1889, and looked every day of its 120 years. They moved to a slightly more respectable building a couple of months after I started, but it was an interesting place to work, even if getting there required a trip up the second most dangerous looking staircase I've ever seen.
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