83 Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenges for Free Food

If you have a big appetite and a big stomach, you might use this list of food challenges as a vacation guide. But beware: these offers have rules, like you have to eat everything on your plate in a certain time period to get the meal free. Eateries may have additional rules. LW Pizza in Long Beach, California, dares you to eat the 28-inch pizza shown in less than an hour with no bathroom breaks! If you do, the pizza is free plus you win cash and future pizzas. Link -via The Daily What

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There's a little Japanese restaurant about a block from here that has a challenge to eat a giant 3-liter bowl of ramen in 30 minutes to get a $100 gift card, or end up paying $30 for the meail if you don't make it. Think I'll stick to the sushi.
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Splint is correct. Excess weight is internal too, and skinnier, lanky type have much easier time at eating contests, as long as they have big stomachs (actual organ) for it.

That aside, I'd rather have the dude on the left instead of the pizza. He's adorable. :D
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@grmachnie "And people wonder why the average North American is overweight!"

This has very little to do with why so many people are overweight. Sedentary lifestyles with garbage food and sweetened beverages are your main culprits.

In fact, most fat people aren't even very good at pig-out challenges.
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I went to the Big Texan Steak Ranch a few years ago. While we were eating, a smallish guy actually finished the challenge. It was pretty amazing. (Their steaks are totally great, by the way.)
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I've been to Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania with friends who tried the 2 and 3 lb burger challenge. It's fun at first, but then it's just stomach turning to see his body shake with the "meat sweats" and his face turning a sickly color. He was determined tho and did complete the 2 lb challenge.
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