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GQ has a point. The bible has 'changed' so much over the centuries that its hard to imagine how some people think its the word of god... please. Read the old testament and all of the contradictions in there then tell me an all-knowing being wrote that!
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Well now we know the reason why America is so fucked up now - there's the culprit!

If only the people around the world who've actually never been to the USA but have only seen the place in the news or the movies came to the USA for a visit, they would realise how pathetic and frail America really is, on the inside - they would instantly realize that the news and the movies are nothing like how people really are.
That's right, people, go see America's frail little minds, washed and wacked by the media-driven drivel. That's right, come on down and see the stench left by the lies they spun for themselves there.
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Slate.com has a nice article on the history of racist spokespersons. Sorry I'm to lazy to get the link for you, but it's a nice flash popup w/ purty pictures.
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Oh, and the elephant-moon thing is complete bunk also (as Andy suggested). Here's a better link:

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Right. As others have said, in the French version, it is more common for the audience to be mischievous when they vote--typically, the more simple the question, the more likely it is that they will purposefully swing their vote. It's just another part of the game--it doesn't make them any more or less stupid or mean than American audiences.

Furthermore, he did indeed say "merde," which is most closely translated to "s**t" in English, but it is nowhere near as strong. It is much closer (in strength) to "damn" over here--schoolchildren can say the word and not get in trouble.
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