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I like how the bag was "conveniently" placed ever so softly every time a person touched it...riiiiiiiiight...
I also like how all the other bags around it were handled so "gingerly" also.. mmmmm hmmmmmm
I like how the camera never seemed to be perfectly "in frame", with no obstructions or weird angles... hrrmmmm....

having worked at an airport for many years, and actually seeing with my own 2 eyes, this is NOT the average bags journey.. ding ding ding...
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lol, the serious attempts of explaining this are actually pretty funny... the funny ones, even better...
but one must not forget the origin of an iceberg.... they come from glaciers... I imagine it was left on the glacier, which then broke off and floated away as an iceberg...
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cool..... here's a link to the momma and calf moose in my backyard a few days ago.. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=351343&id=777464147&l=aa932a9d21
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ya, pretty gross.....
think this lady was on the show Oddity on the discovery channel a few weeks ago.... she has jars FULL of toenail clippings...
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not just a repost, but a double repost.... http://www.neatorama.com/2010/07/19/millenium-falcon-guitar/
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I live in Wasilla AK, about 10 minutes away from Palmer AK, which is where the salmon Permafrost vodka is distilled.... and it is VERY good. salmon vodka bloody mary's are great.
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I live in Alaska, and own a dog.... so I can relate to this video on a few different levels..

ya, of course, it sucks that the dog got it's ass kicked.....

it sucks that a deer has to live in a suburban neighborhood...

and it sucks that irresponsible people are allowed to own video cameras, let alone animals.

we have moose and bears in the area we live in... our dogs are taught from a very young age to get the hell away from the wildlife...lol
when they do actually see wildlife, they bark, but keep their distance...
that dog just waited for the deer to trot up and hand out a can o' whoop ass.
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I guess I don't really need to buy the book after that huge post. lol
I definitely don't need to buy it after reading all the comments.
I like math, I suppose. But this is probably the most "free time" I have ever spent thinking about it. I use math at work so much that I'd rather not think about it when I'm not there.
good post though.
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@7 for commenting, and therefore sending an almost 3 year old post to the front page of neatorama. I hope ya feel better for commenting on someone elses Idiocy!!!!! yes, pun intended as per the post at hand. ya douche canoe.
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to seefish and larkin...

what allowed us to be able to write the constitution and the bill of rights??? hmmmmm. war. Had we not gone to war with the british, we'd probably have the queen on our money.

I agree with Dave D. here.. I am not a supporter of the current war in Iraq. but I will ALWAYS support our troops. I'm not a "pro war" person. but it makes me sad that people have all of these freedoms, but hate the people who die every day to keep them.
I have lost 4 friends in Iraq/afghanistan, and I believe they died defending something that they believed in. don't take that away from them.
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