Sweden in One Photograph: A Moose Jumping over a Volvo

16-year old Tove Sjöholm captured this amazing shot in Mute, Sweden. A spooked female moose jumped in such a way that it looked like it was jumping over a car. Here's Google Translate's rendering of a news article on the event:

It is not unusual for family Sjöholm, who lives in Mute outside Rolfstorp, is visited by the king of the forest in his garden. Tove has a certain respect for the powerful animals.

"Sometimes they stand and nibble on our apple tree. I've always been inside the house when I saw them. They are quite large and tend to be close to the house, so I had been outside, I had perhaps been a little afraid, "she says.

Link via Jalopink

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Who cares where the moose is standing or where he is in relation to the car? It is an awesome once-in-a-lifetime shot that anyone would be proud to publish on the internet and the way that wildlife is being wiped out it will probably never be possible to capture an image like this again.
Well done to the photographer, whoever you are!
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Yeah the moose is in front of the car. It's an illusion, get over it.

It is a cool photo of a moose jumping tho. I don't think I've ever seen a moose jump like that!

I bet the driver was happy the moose hauled ass out of the way... Hitting a moose can be a lethal accident. Look at the comparative sizes of the moose vs car – and the car is closer to the camera! Good lord.
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If you think it looks like the moose is jumping over the car, you likely think all those pictures of folks pushing over the leaning tower of Pisa are real.
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