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My husband gave me 7 engagement rings - I lost 4 of them in a boating mishap. When he tried to put in an insurance claim, they said we had waited too long to file! We took it to court and won, but the president of the company fought us tooth and nail.

That was a mistake - Thurston bought the company, fired the president and we made a fortune selling off its assets.
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I was not able to see this when it came out - but I heard the songs on the radio when my friend from Kansas got to pick what we would listen to - she loved The Beatles - I didn't care for them.

Years later, when I got to see what they looked like and see their movies, I warmed up to them a bit - but Thurston never did - he called them "hooligans".

I agree with Eddie - this is their best film.
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You need compatible acts for your opener - I saw Prince get booed off the stage opening for The Stones - he just wasn't what they were looking for.
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I just watched it again - watching it isolated like that I think that perhaps you are right. Even so, when I watched for the first time on the big screen (in my private theatre, of course), the impression I got was that she dropped it on purpose - probably in part because, realistically, that's not when the ball would be dropped. I think Marshall was trying to "have her cake and eat it too", and I would say that it was a bad choice on her part. Watching it again, you could even argue that Kit was out (because the ball was knocked out of Dottie's hand by the ground, long after the tag had been made - although as a baseball fan I know that catchers don't usually get that call).

It would have been - IMNSHO - a much better movie had she slid in under the tag, or ahead of the ball, or knocked the ball out of Dottie's hand. Even if she had hit it over the fence - although that would have been a bit different - I think it would have been much better than as it was released. But, as Eddie said, it was a "chick flick", and the way it was done was kind of a "chick flick" sort of climax.

It's a shame - it could have been a 9, instead it's an 8. Still better than the vast majority of films.

Here's the clip on You Tube:
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Please! Just give him permission to go elsewhere - it's so much easier. I gave my husband carte blanche to get whatever he could (as long as he didn't embarrass me by being too obvious). He has a thing for actresses and country-girl types anyway - better them than me!

Who wants his old thing anyway? I have a young sailor who takes care of me when I feel the need - he's a little clumsy, but very eager to please.
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