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I was living in Chattanooga and somehow had the hearings on tv. I watched in stunned silence as Al Gore told Zappa how much he loved him and his music. In turn, the very articulate Zappa ripped into the idea of censorship and Gore's sponsorship.

I never was able to vote for Gore because I never could get that image of him sucking up to Zappa as he tried to regulate everything that made Zappa, Zappa.

I was stunned when I later learned that Gore and Zappa became friends after the hearing.
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There are several great books that work on different aspects of this. However, my two current favorite books that address a lot of historic errors are 1491 and 1493, both by Charles Mann. I also like Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen.
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This was a fantastic and fun way to high light the important role libraries play in our communities. As more and more people lost employment and the web access, the local library became a lifeline for untold numbers. The libraries have historically proven to be a wonderful resource for the newly arrived, for those who long to learn but don't have the opportunity and for those seeking escape from an unhappy or regressive life.

I agree vonskippy, America needs libraries now more than ever.

While most public schools do have libraries, Matt, the schools frequently are not open at night or on the weekends. Due to budget cuts, much is often lacking in the school library. The library is the only place where research may be conducted.
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Bought my daughter a great looking pair of glasses from Zenni. They cost $8 for frames and lens and $5 for shipping. They look better than the $200 pair purchased at a "deal" at Costco.
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It might have worked had the media left it alone. What was shame instead turned into fame.

I'm a big fan of letting the punishment fit the crime. A day cleaning up poop at a stables or a dog park would have been ideal.
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After 30 years of marriage, my hubby dumped me for the sweet young thing. I'm in school, hoping to finish and find a government job before my cobra expires. I also have a bunch of health issues that will make private insurance financially impossible.

And before you damn me, I did work for the ex's business, unpaid, for many years. I also raised a handicapped child (who still, as an adult, lives with me). Pre-existing conditions make jobs hard to find, too.

I wish her only the best. Life still is difficult if you are older, female and single in America.
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I worked, post-divorce, at Wal-Mart. I sometimes worked the phones/fitting room. Nasty stuff. Trust me, you want to wash YOU after you try on clothes. You don't want to wear the clothes before you wash them. The same holds true of consignment stores. It is easy to iron a dirty outfit, put dirty clothes on a wire hanger, add the plastic laundry bag, and drop it off~! (Yes. I did.)
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My son was expelled from a private school when in first grade, because he started the first food fight in the school's history. I'm glad my son didn't get sent to jail for a food fight. (He turned out okay. College graduate. Employment. Kind. Funny.) Jail is wayyyy to much.
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When I was last in China, I was struck by the fact that most drivers viewed "lane lines" as only suggestions. I wonder what it must be like to cross over one of those bridges.

However, the pictures were awesome!
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