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It's a death trap.

1) Oxygen exchange would be virtually non-existent. The surface movement created by the powerhead is pointless if the surface is not exposed to open air. Any fish you put in it would slowly suffocate to death over a period of days. If they even lived that long, because...

2) Tropical fish are extremely sensitive to rapid temperature changes and are only healthy within a very narrow band of a few degrees. There would be no effective way to regulate temperature in this "aquarium," since every time you used the sink it would act as a (forgive me) heat sink. The constant fluctuation in temperature would stress the fish, causing either disease and loss of appetite or killing them outright. But that may not have time to happen either, since...

3) When in a compressed water column with little or no cover, most tropical fish will go into hide mode. This is because they feel exposed to predators. They'd probably congregate in the corners (making it even harder to breathe in the already oxygen-poor water) and would likely refuse food, again leading to starvation, disease and eventual death.

As I said, a death trap. NEAT-or-AMA?
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Can't get to the source link (corporate filter), but I'm wondering is the bench was bought and installed by Nike or their agents, or if this constitutes defacement of publicly-owned property.
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Mmmm... 917. The second most gorgeous race car of that era, behind only the GT40 -- and that not by much. I spent many happy hours rewinding motors, sanding tires and polishing contacts on the slot models of both those vehicles.
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Should be limited by a direct ratio to I.Q., with 120 as a minimum. For every five points over 120, you can donate an additional time. We certainly don't need any more average people breeding; that's what got us where we're at today.
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As someone who tried to learn Japanese while stationed in Okinawa, I must compliment her on her English. The first time I tried to order food in Japanese, the waitress looked at me like I'd just kicked her kid in the nuts. Damned hard language; I had an easier time with Russian.
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