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Just to add to what KickPuncher said, the point of the ad was that sometimes the things that are good to you are right beside you all along and that Mannings has been there for you for 40 years.
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I have a one-in-a-million name so I tend to just use whatever common name I feel like on the day - Holly, Sarah, Rachel, something like that.

My friend Angela once had a barista spell her name "Angular".
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I agree with Jessss that the odds are misleading. They're from the same source so it's hardly random.

We had a pack of 30 eggs once where I think all of them had double yolks (or at least very close to all) - it was about 15 years ago and we haven't had it since. We bought them at a local grocer which was not our usual custom - we generally pick eggs up from the supermarket. Quite surprised at first - but then we proceeded to use them like normal eggs. I guess my family is not that excitable!
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While it is a little odd that they aired at the same time, it's not big deal for supporting characters to die in TVB series. The shows aren't long-running ones that go on indefinitely, they're more like mini-series: generally the whole thing is wrapped up in 20-40 episodes and the actors move onto another series. Generally there will be a fair few deaths leading up to a dramatic finale and many of them will be supporting characters so that the leads will get a happy ending.

Supporting actors typically pop up in more series than leading ones do as well because they have less screen time in each one. Law Lok Lam has been around for a long long time and undoubtedly he has been in very many series and died on-screen many times over.

Also, Police Station No.7 and Virtues Of Harmony are both old series so they're probably being rerun on TVB's "classics" channel. An actor with a repertoire like his would be in heaps of the rerun shows.

Having said that, the coincidence in the timing is a little weird.
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As much as this article completely generalises, I can't help but agree with the gist of it.

I am Chinese, as are many of my friends. I went to a 'selective school' for high school, which offer places to 'academically inclined' students, and 80% of us were Asian. My parents had always made it clear that not going to University was not an option - it's quite simply a compulsory part of ones education. I always had tutoring as a child and when I started to tutor, my students were all Asian. Slight difference with my parents was that my brother and I did sports as well as the academic stuff, so it was a rather busy childhood.

And yes, my mum calls me fat! My western friends find it completely unthinkable that my mother would say that to me.
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