Mannings Cat Meow Story 2012

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I don't know what Mannings is advertising here, but it's a lovely story of selfless devotion nonetheless. A Babelfish translation of the related site offered no help, but if you can read Chinese, you may be able to clue us in. Link -via Everlasting Blort

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Just to add to what KickPuncher said, the point of the ad was that sometimes the things that are good to you are right beside you all along and that Mannings has been there for you for 40 years.
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Marishka is spot-on correct.

The story was about the cat's adventures in trying to find a rare plant to cure the owner. After travelling the globe, the cat found the plant. But it was dead.

Returning to his homeland dejected, the cat saw the same rare plant in Mannings' logo. So he went in to buy medicine for his owner. The cat arrives home too late.

But his owner rises from the other side of the bed, healthy and whole. She had been given medicine from Mannings while the cat was away. The end.

Of course, you have to suspend most of your beliefs and go with the fun little story. :)
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No idea what they're selling but by just looking I'm guessing its a pharmacy? Maybe they're like riteaid or CVS. I'm going to guess they have some sort of card they want people to get for some sort of "wellness" program, and at the same time those names will just be sold to some advertiser who wants to sell them something. You know... like in the States.
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