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You can find a Tumblr picture blog for almost any subject under the sun. Starbucks Spelling is dedicated to the custom of baristas writing a customer's name on a cup, for which they sometimes get the spelling wrong. What makes this worth a look is 1. there are so many misspellings, and 2. how can anyone keep track of all the venti and grande lattes and espressos and then spell Joe G-I-O? Shown here are four different orders Omar recorded. Link -via Gorilla Mask

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This may sound like a bit of an odd suggestion; but if you are made mad by this, maybe you have an unjust sense of superiority and entitlement.

I made a similar mistake last night, I was laying in bed with my girlfriend, but had my wallet in my pocket. I was laying on my wallet which was ontop of her hand, and I said "Oh, I'm laying ontop of my hand that is ontop of your wallet."

We both knew what I meant, but it came out wrong. Remember the "Have a good meal." "You too" bit. People are prone to making errors, it really shouldn't surprise you or upset you unless you fancy yourself error free, and that is probably a delusion.
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I can't look at this. These people have no common sense. I understand a few of them, but seriously, do they think what they're writing is actually a name?
Deb > Death?
Molly > Pollen?
Matt > Brath?
Ben > Men?

ugghhhh I am so mad thanks to this post
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On another note; I was just annoyed that everywhere I turn there appears to be a bunch of infantile fools frantically foraging for funny facts and figures to flit their fancy. We are doomed. The Rock is going to fall.

Crazy boy--
Everybody knows the rock leans over the town
Everybody knows that it won't tumble to the ground
We've more important studies than your fantasies and fears
You know that rock's been perched up there for a hundred thousand years

"The rock is gonna fall on us." He told the magistrates
"I believe that we can stop it but the time is getting late
You see I've done all the research my plans are all complete."
He was showing them contingencies when they showed him to the street

- Harry Chapin, The Rock
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Low intelligence theory: People with low intelligence find this entertaining.

Let's test the hypothesis using Clifford's criteria for the ethics of belief: It is wrong in all cases to believe on insufficient evidence; and where it is presumption to doubt and to investigate, there it is worse than presumption to believe.

But isn't it fun to fabricate assumptions that propel ourselves to superior heights, from whence we can peer down on our less endowed brethren and laugh.
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