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Spitzer Telescope Captures Images of Forming Planet

Image: Artist's conception of LRLL 31 system, cour...  ...tronomers believe that it is in an early stage of planetary formation and that a sizeable lump in the ring sy... system may be a protoplanet: One theory of planet formation suggests that planets start out as d...
Huge Mars Region Shaped by Water...

Shifting sand dunes on ancient Mars once concealed a network of underground water spread across an area the size of Oklahoma, according to new findings from NASA's Mars rover Opportunity.The new findings confirm suspicio...
Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet

Astronomers have recently discovered two planets that may point in the right direction towards fin...  ...e right direction towards finding life hospitable planets in our universe.In the search for Earth-like planets , astronomers zeroed in Tuesday on two places that...  ......
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