Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet

Astronomers have recently discovered two planets that may point in the right direction towards finding life hospitable planets in our universe.

In the search for Earth-like planets, astronomers zeroed in Tuesday on two places that look awfully familiar to home. One is close to the right size. The other is in the right place. European researchers said they not only found the smallest exoplanet ever, called Gliese 581 e, but realized that a neighboring planet discovered earlier, Gliese 581 d, was in the prime habitable zone for potential life.

"The Holy Grail of current exoplanet research is the detection of a rocky, Earth-like planet in the 'habitable zone,'" said Michel Mayor, an astrophysicist at Geneva University in Switzerland.

An American expert called the discovery of the tiny planet "extraordinary."


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Wonder if there's intelligent life over there.. hmm.. more like Lilliputs. Don't want Goliaths..
Hey, how about... if the life of Adam and Eve were starting all over there again.. :D Kewl! Right?
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:lol: Gadget Sleuth wins the prize for the best comment sofar. :lol: ...Nooo kidding....! :-P Go Out there Young Explorer, and Find Us these Places...! (loose interpretation of Jedi-Speech)
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