Five Of The Scariest Moments In Robotics History

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These days it no longer takes a team of robotics engineers to build a robot since kids can now build fully functional bots in their garages, proving that anybody can build a robot if they put their mind to it.

But as robots and artificial intelligence are quickly becoming everyday parts of our lives the fear of a robotic uprising becomes more valid and we must quickly decide whether making them more human was a big mistake or not.

In order to either quell your fears (or add to them) I've put together a collection of scary robot moments in the history of robotics, enjoy your nightmares!

1. This Robot Wants To Keep Humans In Zoos-

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As artificial intelligence software becomes more sophisticated and therefore a better simulation of humanity the androids become more relatable and stick out less, which makes them even creepier.

But some robots running AI software are skipping the slightly unnerving stage and going straight to downright disturbing, and for this we have only ourselves to blame.

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This creepy bot has no problem telling its creator that it will someday keep humans in a people zoo, which might be their subtle way of declaring "bow down before your robotic overlords, puny humans". I refuse to bow down, you bot bastard!

2. Two artificial intelligences chatting-

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It's one thing to honor your deceased wife's memory by using her personality as the basis for your artificial intelligence software, but you don't have to make the robot version identical to the original in every way.

For instance- nobody expects robots to be surly and full of bad attitude, but as you can see from this video showing creepy fembot Bina48 chatting with Siri our robotic overlords will not only rule humanity someday- they'll act all high and mighty about it!

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First there was sassy Siri and now Bina48 with the bad attitude- man, going to the DMV is going to suck even more when robot tellers replace people!

3. Swarm bots pull a child across the floor-

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Swarm bots are pint sized powerhouses that work as a team to help humans out, and to demonstrate their ability to save lives the aldfkja;ldjf;alkjdfl;akjdfl;ajdsfl;a created a scenario that shows how swarm bots could save lives.

But for some reason they chose to use a little live human girl in their demonstration, which made the whole scenario that much scarier.

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Perhaps if the swarm bots had been dragging a full grown man across the floor the video wouldn't fill us with dread, but they decided to violate child labor laws instead to flaunt their power.

And now we know that if the swarm bots decide to turn against the human race they've proven that they'll make expert kidnappers.

4. The robot dancer that is disturbingly sexy-

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It's probably best not to think about all the things robots will be used for when they've been given passable human bodies and artificial intelligence that makes them seem more human, because sex bots will most certainly become a thing.

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But in the meantime we have this sexy robot dancer to remind us how creepy the whole sex bot thing could be, although it may fill some pervs with hope since they'll probably only have to pay the robotic strippers of the future in oil and fuel cells!

5. Nadine the all too human infiltrator robot receptionist-

Last but not least let's meet Nadine, the future of business reception technology. I know what you're thinking- which one's the robot, amirite? Seriously though, it's the one in black with the crazy man hands.

Nadine is not only a super high tech way to replace a receptionist, she's one of the most advanced AI driven robots in the world

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The scariest thing about bots like Nadine is they can pass for humans in the right setting, I mean, who hasn't been at the DMV or grocery store and spotted someone acting like a robot.

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