10 People With Great Tattoos At the 2015 San Diego Comic Con

In the world of fandom there's no more brightly colored, bolder or more permanent way to show you are forever a fan than getting a tattoo. Your favorite pop culture characters often start out as ink on a page, so it only makes sense to get them immortalized as ink on your body. Tattooing is a creative and personal way to prove your unwavering dedication to your favorite franchise.

Comic Book Tattoos: Level Epic

For many fans the act of getting a tattoo of their favorite characters is the ultimate form of fandom, since it’s a permanent addition to their bodies, but the guy in these pics isn’t an ordinary fan. He has dedicated his entire body to characters from comic books, turning his arms and torso into a shrine for the superheroes he worships.

If anybody argues that he’s not the ultimate Marvelite he need only take off his shirt and stun them into admitting they were wrong with his incredibly cool ink. Let’s start with his left arm, where we see Cyclops, Gambit, Wolverine and Beast of the X-Men battling a Sentinel, with Angel flying in from above to lend a hand. Just to show that he’s a mighty big fan of the Jade Giant he has the Incredible Hulk tattooed on his inner bicep. Once the shirt comes off we find Venom and Carnage fighting it out for the privilege of pectoral placement. And then he turns around and shows you that the mighty Fin Fang Foom has his back!

Finishing our tour off on his right arm we see Spawn squaring off against Malebolgia, and above that there’s a Violator springing into battle.

Disney Delights

Ohana means family, and when you’re the star of a feature released by Disney you’re part of the largest family in animation history. This gal wasn’t content with getting only one or two members of the Disney family tattooed on her body, and this colorful collection of characters shows the diversity of features being put out by Disney these days. We’ve got Tinkerbell from Peter Pan flying overhead, Stitch from Lilo & Stitch smiling his cute little face off, the sweet ragdoll Sally posing and smiling pleasantly, and the Little Mermaid's Ariel spending some time above water with her animated friends.

On an arm far, far away we have another far out member of the Disney family- R2D2 proudly sporting a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. Welcome to the Disney Dark Side R2!

Nightmare Before Inkmas

This gent had a lonely Jack Skellington tattoo for years before he had his son-in-law complete a whole Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve built around Jack's spindly frame. The Jack tattoo might have started the whole piece, but the details from Tim Burton's Halloween Town are what make this sleeve something truly special.

Good Vs. Evil

Some philosophers believe that the balance of good and evil is precisely what shapes the world around us.

It's hard to say if that's what this comic book fan had in mind when he had Harley and Joker tattooed on one shoulder and Batman on the other, but he certainly does seem well balanced as a result.

Friday the Geekteenth

If you survive taking a trip to Camp Crystal Lake you may want to commemorate your harrowing experience with a tattoo, and there’s no better way to say “I saw the slasher in the hockey mask and lived to tell about it” than by including Jason Voorhees in your Camp Crystal Lake commemorative tattoo. Don’t worry- Leonardo of the Ninja Turtles has his sword drawn and is ready for action in case Jason starts acting up. Where can you see a Ninja Turtle rubbing shoulders with Jason and an unhelmeted Mega Man? Only on a tattooed geek! This fan’s tattoos run the gamut of geekdom, from classic video games to horror movies, classic cartoons to the modern anime series Naruto. Despite bearing a wide selection of art styles based on a wide selection of geek interests, this tattoo enthusiast got all of his work done by one person, Jose Antonio Llamas from Inkvizion Tattoo.

The Rebel Miyazaki

Fans of Studio Ghibli films are always looking for clever new ways to show their love of Miyazaki’s masterpieces, and tattoos are a popular way to show the world your love of Ghibli films will never fade.

This woman brings her favorite characters with her wherever she goes -along with a symbol of her dedication to the Rebel Alliance inked right above her ankle.

Like My Mother Before Me

This tattooee is actually the proud mother of the rebel-loving Studio Ghibli fan above. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because this cool mama had an incredible tribute to the way of the Jedi in the form of a terrific Yoda tattoo.

These Are the Pages of Our Lives

People always want to get their favorite comic book characters tattooed on their bodies, but nobody seems to want actual comic book panels printed on their bodies. This guy decided to pay homage to the iconic shape of comic book panels with his tattoos, and the end result is a perfect tribute to the entire medium.

Don't Blink, Ink!

This little Whovian might spend her nights dreaming about a madman in a box. Best off all though, she managed to find a way to include a small tribute to her favorite holiday within a larger piece dedicated to her favorite TV show. Surely no clever boy could ever forget this tattoo.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cuties

It's one thing to get a badass tattoo of your favorite bloody Spawn panel, but to tattoo yourself with absolutely precious versions of your favorite fighting turtles takes a real man and that's exactly what this tattoo says about its bearer.

There Be Dragons

To be fair, this girl's amazing ink isn't actually a tattoo, but actually a henna piece that looks just like the real thing. Even so, as the host of the GoTThrones podcast, it wouldn't be all too surprising if Alexandra August ended up getting this amazing dragon piece permanently inked in.

Can't get enough Comic Con goodness? Then don't miss our roundup of the best cosplay at the convention. And, of course, even if you weren't at Comic Con, you're always welcome to share your geeky tattoos in the comments -we'd love to see them!

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