Kasey McMahon

I'm fascinated by the way technology is changing and intertwining us as humans - a lot of my work explores the juxtaposition of organic, natural forms and mechanized technology. We're literally wired and connected to each other in so many ways... I also am very intrigued by the way we weave computing into our daily lives. I find myself bound to machines more than I ever would have imagined possible. I'm interested in conveying that connectivity and dependence. I work with a variety of media and love working with metal and re-purposing objects. There's something really exciting about taking something out of context and making it beautiful.

1. Connected // Global Brain Series // 2010 (Photo by Kevin Rolly)

'Connected' is a life-size self portrait made of steel, CAT5 and other data cables. It is the first piece in a new series called 'The Global Brain'. I've been exploring how interconnected we're becoming as technology is more entwined in our lives - both the positive and negative effects. This piece is the product of a variety of experiments in different mediums trying to express the power of information in a human context - to visualize how technology and information are shaping our collective human experience.

2. Common Thread // Global Brain Series // 2010 (Photo
by Kevin Rolly)

Steel and CAT5 cables. Meant to represent information flow/orbit. I wanted
it to appear as if the CAT5 cables are venturing outward... an abstraction
of the global brain circling and moving beyond our planet.

3. Compubeaver // Nature
2.0 Series // 2007

Compubeaver is a computer case
mod - it is a desktop computer built inside a taxidermied beaver. It was
done as an exploration of the

computer case mod subculture and to demonstrate our diminishing relationship
with nature - as we become increasingly reliant on technology, we become
disconnected from our natural environment. Nature then is a spectacle
(ie holy crap, that's a beaver!), an outing, a thing that is nonexistent
in our daily lives. There is also something intrinsically funny about
putting a computer in a beaver. In fact, I find it difficult to think
of a more ridiculous case housing for an office machine. All innuendos
aside, what better creature to house the busiest of machines - the machine
that has sped up our lives

and made us captive to a constant flow of information.

4. Virtual Squirrel
// Nature 2.0 Series // 2010
(Photo by Kevin Rolly)

Virtual squirrel is a multimedia
installation demonstrating the collision of nature and technology through
the eyes of nature. Televisions are looping
a squirrel sequence
shot from the squirrels perspective (POV squirrel).Video
footage by Derek Doublin

Virtual Squirrel from Derek
on Vimeo.

5. Better, Faster, Wiser? // Nature 2.0 Series // 2010
(Photo by Kevin Rolly)

Roboduckling with brass and found electronic components. Hand crank music
box element plays 'Pop Goes the Weasel'

6. Psycho Girlfriend
// Wearable Art Collaboration
(Photos by Suzan

Psycho Girlfriend is
a wearable art collaboration effort by Vanessa Bonet and Kasey McMahon.
The whimsical, highly detailed work is based

on abstractions of fashion and sculpture on the human form. Both women
are artists and fabricators with combined skills in welding, blacksmithing,
foam and clay sculpture, casting, leathercraft and sewing. Together they
create one-of-a-kind, sculptural creations that explore design by blending
traditional and unconventional materials.

7. Birdcage Dress // Wearable // 2009 (Photo by Suzan

Fully functional brass birdcage
. Perfect for casual Fridays at the office. Steer clear of cats,
coal mines, ferrets and weasels.

8. Atomic Number
82 - The Lead Dress
// Wearable // 2010 (Photo by Marianne

Dangerously heavy fashion - a dress constructed of lead. Just in time
for Spring, a light and airy little number made of the densest metal on
earth! High fashion at its finest - not actually wearable. What better
way to dance into Spring than with a frock constructed of the end product
of complex radioactive decay?

9. Tear Off Sheets //
Public Art // 2009

Print and hang anywhere goods or services are generally hawked. If feeling
industrious, pre-snip the tear-out sections at the bottom. Hoping to make
someone smile or at least slip them out of the daily grind for a hot second.

10. Beauty Bare // Language of Numbers Series // 2010 (Photo
by Kevin Rolly)

Etching techniques on brass sheet. Exploration of combining the golden
ratio to create a heart - separate but equal. It is... the heart.

11. Spring in Space // Digital // 2010

Playing in the digital realm. I am absolutely fascinated with space and
the Hubble imagery.

Contact Info

Official website | email:
kasey at atypicalart dot com

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