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Man Almost Falls From Truck

A man in blue can be seen on the cargo space of the truck. Suddenly, he trips, but he has a quick reaction time, and manages to hang on the truck, albeit in a weird position. Thankfully, a car happens to pass by in the area, and the car’s driver helps him to climb back again on the truck.

Lucky man, I would say.

See the full video on Reddit.

(Video Credit: u/PowerModerator/ Reddit)


Gucci Is Selling Stained Denim Overalls

This might just be the weirdest thing that I have seen in my life — a $1,400 denim overall with grass stains. I mean, why? You could just buy a new denim overall and roll on the grass in your backyard.

“This denim overall is crafted from organic cotton and specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect,” reads the description of the dirty dungarees, which debuted on the runway as part of a grunge-inspired collection back in January and are now available in stores and online.
“It is produced through cultivation and manufacturing processes that don’t involve harmful chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers,” a description on reads.
But real farmers think these fancy pants should be put out to pasture.
“For [that much money], I’m thinking, ‘What’s the equivalent of that in second-cut hay bales?’ That’s the currency I’m most interested in,” farmer Lauren Gitlin, 40, told The Post.

Well, what do you think?

(Image Credit: Gucci)


Can farts transmit Coronavirus? Let's go to the bottom of things

During a long road trip with my kids came inevitably the matter of farts; then the conversation veered towards serious: we asked ourselves if this is was a means of Covid-19 transmission. School, work, bus, we would be at great danger every moment!!!

Forbes made a complete post on that serious subject back in April. I guess people have more sensitive bowels than my kids to ask this question so soon!


Uber, But For Evicting People

Everyone is trying their best to make ends meet in these troubling times. Many people are looking for more ways to earn more money or expand their businesses. The new startup Civvi seized the opportunity to establish their business when unemployment is widespread and a lot of people can’t pay their rent. This company aims to make it easy for the landlords to hire eviction agents, as Vice details: 

Helena Duncan, a Chicago-based paralegal who also participates in housing activism, saw a Craigslist post from Civvl while searching for jobs. The ad alarmed her. 
"It's fucked up that there will be struggling working-class people who will be drawn to gigs like furniture-hauling or process-serving for a company like Civvl, evicting fellow working-class people from their homes so they themselves can make rent," she told Motherboard. 
In its Craigslist ads, posted across the country, Civvl explains the opportunity plainly: "There is plenty of work due to the dismal economy."
"Unemployment is at a record high and many cannot or simply are not paying rent and mortgages," the ads state. "We are being contracted by frustrated property owners and banks to secure foreclosed residential properties."
Civvl aims to marry the gig economy with the devastation of a pandemic, complete with signature gig startup language like "be your own boss," and "flexible hours," and "looking for self-motivated individuals with positive attitudes:" "FASTEST GROWING MONEY MAKING GIG DUE TO COVID-19," its website says. "Literally thousands of process servers are needed in the coming months due courts being backed up in judgements that needs to be served to defendants."

Image via Vice 


LEGO Baby Yoda

You fell in love with him when you saw him on The Mandalorian. You bought the miniatures and the toys. But you know that your soul won’t find rest until you’ve collected all of the Baby Yodas out there in the whole world. And now comes another Baby Yoda collectible, but this time in LEGO form.

Fans of The Mandalorian can soon get their hands on this adorable LEGO version of The Child aka Baby Yoda. The 1073-piece kit builds a 7.8″ tall version of the littlest could-be Jedi, and features a posable head, movable ears, and an adjustable mouth. Drops 10.30.2020. Pre-orders start at 1pm PST on 9.21.2020 on

The Force and the cuteness are strong with this one.

(Image Credit: LEGO/ The Awesomer)


A City In Texas Aims World Record For Lining Up Rubber Ducks

If you ask me, world records are getting weirder and weirder. But hey, aiming for world records is no joke. It takes time, effort, and money, and so I can say that even weird world records deserve recognition.

A Texas city's annual Rotary Duck Derby, delayed for months..., went forward without some of the usual fanfare, but with a Guinness World Record for lining up rubber ducks.
The City of Graham's 3rd Annual Rotary Duck Derby, which was originally scheduled for April, took place at the city's Downtown Square.
Residents could sponsor a duck in the race for $5 or 24 ducks for $100, with the proceeds being donated by the Graham Rotary Club to a variety of community projects.
Organizers said they expected the number of ducks to come out to 20,000, enough to break the Guinness record of 17,782 ducks.

What are your thoughts about this one?

(Image Credit: KWKT FOX44/ YouTube)


Goat Battles His Greatest Enemy In The Mirror

The greatest enemy that you can have in life is not your best friend. It’s not your partner. Nor is it another family member. The greatest enemy that you can have is yourself.

But how do you battle against yourself? How do you confront yourself? This goat decided that the best way that he can confront himself is through hand-to-hand combat, or in this case, head-to-head combat, in the mirror.

Via Laughing Squid

(Image Credit: Laughing Squid)


Stolen First Editions by Galileo, Newton Discovered Beneath Floor in Romania

Consider this: You manage to steal some things that are extremely valuable because they are unique, historic, and irreplaceable. Only afterward do you realize that you cannot sell those things, because they are unique, historic, and irreplaceable. That may have been the case when a shipment of rare books including first editions by Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, and Francisco Goya, plus 16th-century editions of works by Copernicus, Euripides, Aesop, and Manutius were stolen from a London postal warehouse in 2017.   

Now, after three years of coordinated efforts by the MPS, the Romanian National Police, the Italian Carabinieri, Europol and Eurojust, authorities have finally recovered the purloined papers.

Per the statement, police discovered the trove of books—neatly wrapped and buried in a cement pit—beneath a house in Neamț, a county in eastern Romania, last Wednesday. The individuals responsible for the burglary appear to be connected to a network of Romanian families involved with the notorious Clamparu crime group.

Read about the heist and the recovery at Smithsonian. -via reddit

(Image credit: Metropolitan Police)


Thermochromic Paint on a Car

The guys at Dip Your Car tried an experiment in which they painted a car lime green, then added five coats of black thermochromic paint. Thermochromic means it loses color with the application of heat. After the paint dried, they threw buckets of hot water on the car to see what would happen. Skip ahead to 5:15 to watch the fun. Then if you're interested, you can go back to the beginning to get a thorough explanation. It's fun to watch, but they really should have shown what engine heat does to the appearance. One suspects that they used a non-running car for the experiment. Would the air temperature have an affect? If so, the car would be green on sunny summer days and black at night or in winter or rain. Also, before you consider this for your car, keep in mind that the thermochromic effect is not all that durable over time. -via Boing Boing


Here’s How To Stop Your Cat From Lying Down On Your Keyboard

So the secret to stopping your feline companion from taking over your keyboard while working is to give them a computer of their own. Twitter user @Roshinee_M shared a video of her testing out the tip she found on TikTok. Surely enough, her cat seems to love its new gadget, and looks happy to copycat their owner! 

Image screenshot via Twitter 


Virtual Swimwear Models Are A Thing Now

Fashion shows are now moving towards a heavily tech-based mode of presentation. Virtual models now take over the runway, partnering with savvy technical creative companies and programs to build a show that can advertise and showcase their garments well. Forbes cites Miami Swim Week as an example of brands relying on technology to showcase their garments:

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, the technological risk became reality at Miami Swim Week. Swimwear presenters hadn’t the choice to stay idle but rather were pushed forward in a rough and ready manner. With limited luxuries and hard work, there is an opportunity to help the industry envision new ways to support the swimwear industry overall. More to the point, technology is an important and much-needed platform for the swimwear marketplace.
"It was a beautiful thing to witness technology and fashion merge ogether during Paraiso Miami Beach. As we enter into this dawn of this new normal, technology came to save the day for these designers to be able to show their collections digitally - in real time and across all different platforms from Instagram TV to YouTube and other web based portal’s.
The Diigitals are utilizing the rising accessibility of new technologies and taking the first steps into a new frontier of digital exploration. Within this collaborative hub, they demonstrate the potential of 3D fashion modeling and showcase its applications for innovative brands. The new era in creative seemingly erase the boundaries between real time reality and the digital world. Leading the charge into this new synthetic landscape is Shudu, the enigmatic and technical muse who's inspiring a new generation of artists. In a sense, she is the first of a generation but I assure you there will be many more like her in the years to come!

Image screenshot  via YouTube


The Cheapest Nintendo Game Ever Sold

Look, video games aren’t cheap. If someone told me I could buy Yoshi’s Crafted World on the Nintendo Switch for merely a dollar, I would have taken that chance! You might be wondering how and when that instance happened, because it sure lists for full price on the Nintendo eshop. This game was sold at such a low price because of a mistake. Check the full video to find out more. 


Microsoft Buys Bethesda For A Whopping $7.5B

In a shocking news that was a major point of discussion for video game fans and enthusiasts, Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks (developers of Skyrim and Doom) for $7.5 billion. How does this acquisition fit into Microsoft’s Xbox strategy? The Verge details: 

The immediate and inevitable reaction from consumers focused, naturally, on competition, and whether future Bethesda titles will become Xbox exclusives. It’s a sensible concern — why, after all, would any company in an industry as cutthroat as gaming purchase a major entertainment brand if not to deprive its primary rival the ability to distribute coveted intellectual property on competing hardware? But that’s a question for the old Microsoft, the one that tried competing with Sony in an exclusivity game that ultimately kept it perpetually lagging behind throughout the Xbox One generation. (Xbox chief Phil Spencer tells Bloomberg the immediate plan is to evaluate multiplatform releases on a “case-by-case basis.”)
Microsoft is no longer playing the same game as Sony, and the Bethesda purchase may well make that point clearer than ever before. Sony has followed a tried-and-true strategy of acquiring promising developers and nurturing them over many years to produce large sequel-friendly franchises like Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn. It also maintains strong relationships with independent Japanese partners, like From Software and Square Enix, to help maintain its edge so that the new Final Fantasy game or a Demon’s Souls remake comes to PlayStation first.

image via The Verge 


The Fiasco of the 1976 ‘Swine Flu Affair’

In early 1976, several soldiers at Fort Dix came down with an illness that was identified as a novel swine flu. Testing showed 200 recruits carried the virus. The US government swung into action, and President Gerald Ford announced that a vaccine would be developed by fall. And it was. But the program became mired in controversy, scaring Americans away from the needle. When the vaccine was made available in Pittsburgh, three people who got it died of heart attacks.  

The deaths in Pittsburgh would be the start. While there was no causal evidence linking these deaths to the vaccine, they triggered many people to come forward claiming evidence of ill health, falsely blaming the inoculation. Nine states shut down their programmes.

With such a high-profile roll-out, closely attached to the White House, many journalists unused to covering science reported only what they saw and heard from the public, without interrogating whether it was linked. Tabloid journalists gave few column inches to epidemiological nuance. What they should have looked for was “excess mortality” – deaths that would not have happened otherwise – but the daily emerging tales of unexplained heart attacks, distraught nurses, and political failure won more attention.

Was the project worth it? At least we -scientists and journalists, that is- learned a few things from the experience. Read the story of the 1976 swine flu vaccine program at BBC Future.  -via Damn Interesting


An Honest Trailer for Streaming Services

We've been upset with our local cable TV companies for so long that we welcomed the advent of streaming services so that we could cut the cord. But which streaming service should you subscribe to? There are differences, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. The drawbacks are what ScreenJunkies looks at in the Honest Trailer.

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