What Will Food Be Like 100 Years from Now?

When the movie Soylent Green came out in 1973, it predicted that by the year 2022, we'd be eating super processed food squares made from people. Oops, spoilers. Now that it's 2022, does anyone have an idea of what the food of the future will be? Let's hope it's not soylent green. But somehow we will have to feed the 9.8 billion people the earth may hold by 2050, and that won't be easy as our current agricultural practices are being affected by climate change.

Experts are looking at lab-grown meat produced from stem cells, ovens that resemble 3D printers to make our dishes for us, hydroponic crops, various foods made from insects, coffee made from all kinds of plants, dairy-free cheese, and innovations that allow us to grow locally what we now import. The future may hold a lot more food innovations you can read about at bon appetit. -via Damn Interesting

(Image credit: NASA/Bill Stafford)

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They will never stop making real cheese, IMO. It's been around for thousands of years and while cheese food products are found in many places now I refuse to believe real cheese will become extinct. Same for butter.
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God I hope that doesn't happen. My legs are too fat to be a hunter-gatherer. But I guess if things got bad enough I could finally lose weight. Like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.
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There are so many highly processed 'edibles' already, it is totally plausible, that in the future, there will be no unprocessed food left... Except, an extinction level event will basically reset everythig and the few resuming humans will have to restart as hunzer-gatherers again...
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