Debunking the Vaccine-Autism Myth

Oftentimes, myths and rumors can come from exaggerated or even distorted views on controversial subjects. In order to paint a bad light, detractors may try to use conjectures and make up connections where there are none. Vaccines have been under fire for quite some time and its naysayers and skeptics want to change how these medicines are administered because they believe that it may have a link to the development of autism in children. Recently, a study has been conducted showing there is no link, and it is by far the largest study to date on the subject.

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Look at the big picture. What happened to smallpox? Millions of people died from it, but it's gone. Polio was terrifying, and it's almost gone. Why? Because we developed vaccines.
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Vaccination is about taking a share of the risk for the common good ; my kids may react to the vaccine and may get a disease, even die,n but with such a low probability that I can safely do it. Thus the group's overall healthcare is improving. I gave to the group . I sacrificed my kids to the group.
Now a lot of people are selfish and not accepting the risk. They behave as freeloaders : since the others took the risk and the disease is stopped I can safely avoid vaccination and its risks.
Well, if you have measles, you may have to thank France where some people are beginning to die from them again.
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I truly believe that stupid people should be allowed to kill themselves by following bad medical advice. The tragedy is that those same people are forcing their children into the same fate.
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