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The Sound Of The Wind On Mars

This video from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory featuring the sound of Martian wind captured by the InSight lander, and it's pretty amazing - even if it sounds a lot like the wind here on earth.

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory included the following information to explain what you're hearing, & how to listen to the sounds best as the are extremely low frequency.

Listen to Martian wind blow across NASA’s InSight lander. The spacecraft’s seismometer and air pressure sensor picked up vibrations from 10-15 mph (16-24 kph) winds as they blew across Mars’ Elysium Planitia on Dec. 1, 2018.
The seismometer readings are in the range of human hearing, but are nearly all bass and difficult to hear on laptop speakers and mobile devices. We provide the original audio and a version pitched up by two octaves to make them audible on mobile devices. Playback is suggested on a sound system with a subwoofer or through headphones. Readings from the air pressure sensor have been sped up by a factor of 100 times to make them audible. For full-length uncompressed .wav files, visit

For more about the InSight mission, visit

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/CNES/IPGP/Imperial College/Cornell

via Geekologie

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That was perfect, and I'm sorry I didn't notice this until now.... Thank you.

I believe that if I want text to appear quoted as above next time I write > quote and then keep typing the quoted text following - NOT on a new line, correct? Thank you again.
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Ugh. I somehow knew I was going to use the quote feature wrong. I was actually trying to get the text shifted in from the left margin to note it was directly quoted from the source, and I was hoping the quote feature would do that, but now I'm thinking that it wouldn't. Can you please fix this for me :(, let me know how to use the quote formatting correctly, & tell me how to do what I was trying to do? :D Thank you! Sorry... :(
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