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Bill Holbrook, a cartoonist in Georgia, writes and draws two syndicated newspaper comic strips, these being On the Fastrack and Safe Havens. In an unusual twist for a cartoonist, he also writes and draws a third comic strip, this being the webcomic Kevin & Kell (an intended alliterative pun of Heaven and Hell). Following is a summary derived from the website.

Years ago, Kevin Kindle the rabbit and Kell Dewclaw the wolf met in an online chat room. After falling head over heels for each other, they decided to meet in person. It wasn't until then that they realized they were from separate ends of the food chain.

However, the relationship they'd developed online overcame Kevin's instinct for self-preservation, and Kell's heart melted from such a demonstration of trust. Kell was energetic and vivacious, qualities Kevin had found lacking in herbivores. Such a relationship between predator and prey seemed doomed to fail but these two opposites were determined to overcome the barriers that society placed in their path.

They eventually married, knowing good and well they would become outcasts. They settled in the suburb of Domain, which borders both a large metropolitan area and an uncharted region known simply as The Wild. A year later, Kell gave birth to Coney, a carnivorous female bunny who inherited Kevin's big ears and Kell's meaty appetite.

Other than their unconventional pairing, these woodland Bradys are not unlike a typical American family. Kevin and Kell live within a tree (at the corner of Tooth and Nail Streets) containing all the comforts of a suburban home: TV, indoor plumbing and neighbors with binoculars. Kell now works as CEO of a company that supplies meat to supermarkets through predation. Kevin owns and operates an Internet Service Provider called Hare-Link from the basement of their home. Family members and many other animals appear as regular characters, and in a running plot line, all marriages are almost always between different species, most often predator and prey.

Continuities vary from simple dailies to complex storylines that run for weeks on end. Plots typically involve some sort of high-tech but also run a gamut of topics such as friendship, relationships, family issues, workplace issues, and personal conflicts. Two things are certain - 1) you've never seen a comic strip like this before and 2) animals are every bit as neurotic as humans (who, by the way, make occasional appearances in the strip).

Kevin & Kell may be found at, embedded in which are links to Holbrook's other strips, and most surprisingly, to Hare-Link itself, which is a real ISP. Check it out and you may find, as I did, that it is a good daily read.

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It's changed an awful lot over the last decade, so you have some catching up to do. A bat/hedgehog hybrid, a coup or two at Herd Thinners, and species-changing surgery from wolf to sheep are among the highlights.
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