Cities of the World Where You Don’t Need AC or Heat, Mapped

Living in a "temperate zone" often means cold winters and hot summers, with short interludes of perfect temperatures in between. While that breaks up the monotony, the power bills at the extremes can be terrifying. Nolan Gray is studying for a graduate degree in city and regional planning from Rutgers. Inspired by an interlude living in Guatemala City, he looked around the world for places where you can live comfortably without using a heating system or an air conditioning system. He found 13 cities that fill the bill, and quite a few other places where you don't need much temperature control. That resulted in an interactive map where you can select a place to live where the temperature doesn't fluctuate much from comfortable. Find those 13 cities and look around the map at Medium. 

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I would guess he set some limits for himself, or the list would be very long. Anyone looking into it would see that San Diego and Tijuana are pretty much the same metro area, albeit in different nations. You could leave a comment about it at Medium.
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He mentions it briefly: "Beyond the cities and regions I discussed above, the following places appear to fit my criteria: the Canary Islands, Hawaii, and parts of the Aegean Sea." Hawaii is also nice in that it has relatively few insects compared to many of the places on his map.
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